This page is all about me - who I am, how I got here, where I've been. Whether working in sports and event marketing, making my way across a marathon finish line, or lifting up others through a variety of volunteer work and leadership positions, you will find me doing my best and bringing out the best in others.

I am a driven, motivated individual who performs best as part of a team. I aspire to continue my professional growth and to continue learning both within and outside of the field of sports marketing. I thrive in an environment of energized, interested managers, peers, and clients, and pride myself on my interpersonal communication skills. I am lucky to have been working remotely since a time when it was a privilege instead of a survival mechanism, and I am dedicated to building teams that feel connected whether they are in zone or in different time zones.

My passion is relationship building and I have a natural propensity for detailed project management and organizational skills. I thrive when connecting people across communities and truly hope to leave each space just a bit better than it was before I got there.
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